My year in review: a timeline on this past year.

Here's a brief, yet deeper look into my past year and a half. A quick recap of what’s been going on…just to set the scene. I’m going to go in to more detail as time goes on, but I need to do a quick review so we’re all on the same page:

May 2014: Graduated from Indiana University. Honors telecommunications major. Gender Studies and Spanish minor. I wrote my senior thesis on the under representation of women in comedy ( At IU, I developed and produced a comedic talk show for the IU student TV network called Hello Dolly! (

June 2014: My friend from college, Ryann Schram, hooked a sister up. I got a job as a Casting Production Assistant at Magilla Entertainment (a TV production company here in NYC). Freelance gig. I’ll say it now, and I’ll probably say it a billion more times…this industry is ALL about WHO YOU KNOW. Don’t forget it kids. It’s BRUTAL. So thank you x100000 to Ryann Schram. Freelance job = when the project is over…you’re back to the drawing board. Time to find a new job.

July 2014: My high school friend and fellow Spanish class partner in crime, Brittany Harshbarger, threw my resume in for a position as the Executive Assistant to the CEO at the ad agency she was working out. Got the job. Worked there for a year.

October 2014: Listened to Serial, the podcast.

December 2014: Went to a taping of Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live! and it changed my life. He is my TALK SHOW INSPO. My TELEVISION BRANDING INSPO. My POPCULTURE INSPO. No exaggeration, it was so inspiring and I can’t describe how I felt leaving that studio. Shout out to lifelong family friend, Bonnie Baker, for the tickets. Please direct all inquiries toward Segolene Dewey if you have questions about how excited I was that night (she was my +1).

August 2014-March 2015: Kept my contacts updated on what I’ve been up to via emails, phone calls, coffees, drinks, LinkedIn, etc. Wanted to stick it out at my job for a year.

March 2015: Signed up for and started improv comedy classes at Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB). Met a whole new group of people that are hilarious and creative. Got me feeling inspired again.

April 2015: Brought Hello Dolly! back for a NYC special edition episode. Did a recap of the Diane Sawyer/Bruce Jenner ABC special interview. I thought it was hilarious? I love popculture, so gotta stay on top of those pop culture current events y’all.

April 2015: I turned 23. Ugh. (

April 2015: Ran into (one of) my comedic idols, Abbi Jacobson, on the street in SoHo. Kept it cool, and whispered to her (to be inconspicuous), how much I love her work and that she inspired me to take improv classes at UCB. She said thanks. That was it. It was great.

May 2015: Performed my first improv comedy show. ‘Twas a success.

July 2015: Left my job at DiMassimo Goldstein (the advertising agency). I put a year in and had to make moves toward my dreams. I have to thank my former boss Mark DiMassimo for believing in me and for telling me that one of my “most unique strengths is that [I] know what [I] want to do at such a young age.” Damn straight. Now it’s time to make it happen.

August 2015: Went to the premiere of Difficult People (Hulu) with my GIRL Steph Seibel. Check her out. She’s a talented fashion designer and another comedic hero of mine. Got to see Amy Poehler and Louis CK in the flesh. That was tight. And I didn’t embarrass Steph.

August 2015: Snapchat flew me out to Los Angeles for an interview. Found out a week later that I didn’t get the job :-( , but I did get a trip to LA. And I think I have to move there……..

August 2015: Reached out to Elaine Sheldon and Sarah Ginsburg, the producers and creators of the podcast, She Does, to congratulate them on their amazing work, tell them how much I respect what they do, and to see if there’s anyway to get along. We’ll see if this turns into anything. But if you’re interested in all types of media and consider yourself a feminist, LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST (!!!

August 2015: Had a short internship with Jax Media (TV production company. They produce Broad City, Inside Amy Schumer, Difficult People, Odd Mom Out, etc.). I was up their butt for months about getting in that office and learning from them, so I got to intern finally. In the short time that I was there, I learned TONS. Got to read scripts, learned about ~pR0duCti0n LyFe~ from Andrew Segovia, who is super talented and the coolest, and did other basic PA tasks. I told Andrew that this struggle was all “part of my E! True Hollywood Story”.

September 2015: So…here I am now. A 23 year-old, smart, funny, personable, reliable girl (and not modest), with a college degree, burning passion and drive, and no job (no steady job. I’m working odd jobs to make money on the side). How the HELL does this happen? Well, it happens.